Kangen Water® products from Enagic use the latest innovative technology and Japanese excellent craftsmanship to deliver healthy alkaline water to the customers. These products’ job is to enhance the quality of regular water, therefore improve your overall life quality.

Enagic’s innovative products are capable of creating delicious and healthy water. They can not only filter normal or tap water, but also perform electrolysis process to produce alkaline water and acidic water.

Kangen Leveluk K8


Through the electrolysis process, normal water is ionized and separated into 5 types of water for various purposes. They are:

Learn about Enagic Corporation

In 1974, Sony’s trading operation, the precursor of Enagic, started its first operation. Since then, Enagic has been continuously committing to creating high-quality products.

The innovative technology, the superior craftsmanship from Japan, and the “True Health” philosophy has helped Enagic leading forward in terms of water ionizer generating systems.

The product line of Kangen Water purifiers

Enagic has always been the pioneer in providing systems that generate continuous alkaline water. Since 1974, Enagic has brought innovative water ionization technology to many homes.

We believe the customers will be satisfied with our high-quality products that provide true health and wellness. Our product line includes:

Kangen Leveluk K8

Kangen Leveluk K8

Kangen Leveluk SD 501

Kangen Leveluk SD501

kangen-leveluk-sd501 platinum

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Kangen Leveluk JRII

Kangen Leveluk JRii

Kangen Leveluk SD 501 Super

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Super

Kangen Anespa DX Mineral Ion Water Spa

Kangen Anespa DX Mineral Ion Water Spa

Enjoy Delicious Water

Kangen Water alkaline ionizers are specialized in producing healthy and delicious alkaline water, and here’s how it is produced:

  • Filtration: The regular tap water passes through the active-carbon filter to remove many contaminants, including chlorine.
  • Electrolysis: The machine uses powerful electrolysis chambers to separate the filtered water into 5 types of water, one of them is the healthy Kangen Water.

The results are delicious Kangen Water with lots of health benefits, such as slow cell damages, neutralization, fast rehydration, etc.

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Enagic is the only water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distribution company in the world to manufacture our own products in Japan with ISO certified quality control processes.

All employees working at the facilities must master advanced knowledge in technology and work efficiently throughout the entire process, including development, production, supply, and service.

The Best Water Machines – Made In Japan

For more than 40 years, Enagic corporation has been leading the industry in manufacturing water-ionizer that produces hydrogen-rich water with lots of health benefits.

This Japan-based company internationally distributes hundreds of thousands of Kangen Water® machines to homes all over the globe.

Our machines were individually assembled by excellent craftsmen. Then, highly-trained quality control engineers inspected, tested, and certified these machines so that they can reach customers.

Enagic is certified to; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification. Enagic is also a great member of the Direct Selling Association.

The Gold Standard

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. WQA maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government officials, and industry members.

Water Quality

Program is dedicated to providing public health and safety services throughout the USA and globally, while maintaining expert service, superior reputation, and fair pricing. Product Certification ensures that our product is constructed from safe materials, the claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and our product will hold up under normal usage conditions.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 certification means that our quality management system has been audited and reviewed by an official registrar to ensure that our systems are focused on meeting customer’s expectations through certified procedures and a continual improvement process. We never waiver in our commitment to provide products..

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized environmental standard. Our certification to this standard ensures that we’ve mapped out a framework for environmental management with the best practices to help minimize our environmental footprint..

ISO 13485

ISO 13485 signifies that our quality management system demonstrates its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet consumer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.

DSA Certificate

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association for companies that offer entrepreneurial opportunities to independent sellers to market and sell products and services, typically outside of a fixed retail establishment. Enagic International is a member in good standing.

Suitable for all kitchens

Kangen water is suitable for the needs of modern life when water pollution is increasing. Kangen water offers a true elite life.

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New Kangen Water Trend

Kangen Water® is also friendly to your budget and to the Environment. Forget about buying and storing all those expensive plastic water bottles!

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This electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which is optimal for good health.

The Best Kangen Water Machines

Here are the top 3 best selling Kangen water purifiers on the market today by Enagic – Japan

Kangen Leveluk K8

Kangen Leveluk K8

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Kangen Leveluk Super

Kangen Leveluk Super

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Kangen Leveluk SD 501

Kangen Leveluk SD501

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5 Water Types

Delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology.


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