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Should You Buy An Alkaline Water Purifier?

Should you buy a portable alkaline water filter instead of an alkaline water purifier? If you are considering this problem, read our article to know the answer! There are currently many portable alkaline water filters with compact designs at low prices on the market. But is their quality guaranteed or not? Should we buy a [...]

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Top 4 outstanding properties of Kangen water

Kangen water is born to give our health protection and improvement with special composition. Top 4 outstanding properties of Kangen water will prove it. Kangen water is more and more popular in modern life as a good kind of water for health. It has many special properties which make it more attractive and remarkable from [...]

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What Kind Of Kangen Alkaline Water Purifiers Are Good?

Kangen alkaline water purifiers are healthy electrolyte water generators originating from Japan.  This brand is currently available in developed countries such as the US, Canada, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. So what are the best products you should choose? Join us to find out in this article! Origin Of The Kangen Water Purifier [...]

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Ionized Kangen Water And Tap Water – What Are The Differences?

Tap water is a term used a lot in the water industry. So what is tap water? Is this water good for health? How is tap water different from ionized Kangen water? Join us to learn more about tap water in this article! What Is Tap Water? Tap water is the term used to refer [...]

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Review Kangen SD501 machine- Is the ionized water purifier worth the money?

The Leveluk SD501 water ionizer is an advanced unit that uses high-quality technologies to bring healthy alkaline ionized water. With its built-in electrolysis chamber, it generates five types of water that you can use for a variety of household needs. And the device will be a knick-knack thanks to the user-friendly control panel. If you [...]

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Good Tips To Make Full Use Of The Features Of The Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier

Do you know how to take full advantage of the Kangen alkaline ionized water purifier? Learn some great tips to make full use of the features of it in this article! Kangen alkaline ionized water purifier is not only a device that creates a good source of water for drinking, but also produces a variety of [...]

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How To Choose The Best Water Purifier For Your Family?

You are intending to buy a water purifier, but are still wondering which water purifier is good. Refer to the tips for choosing the best water purifier for your family today in this article! Normally, the water purifier has the main function of purifying water, removing polluting impurities and bringing water for better health. Therefore, [...]

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TOP 5 Best Budget Water Ionizers In 2021

Do you want a cheap alkaline ion water ionizer for your family? Do not miss the top 5 best budget water ionizers in this article! The alkaline water ionizers are increasingly receiving the trust of many families and businesses because of the great benefits from the functional water they create.  With the desire to help [...]

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What Is The Best Under Sink Water Ionizer For Your Home?

If your home does not already have a water purifier in the kitchen, you can choose one of the best under sink water ionizers in this article! On the market, household water purifiers are very diverse in terms of designs, technologies, and brands. In particular, the under sink water ionizer is always a product that [...]

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What wonderful things can the Kangen Ukon Supplement bring to you?

Kangen Ukon Supplement is a target line of product from the Enagic brand in recent years. It’s proved to improve health effectively and become more and more popular. In the vision to be one of the best brands for health in the world, Enagic doesn’t stop at manufacturing innovative Kangen water purifiers. Kangen supplement is [...]

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