Factors that create the attraction of Kangen water purifiers in the market

Kangen water purifiers are the famous, high-quality and high-end brand. We will find out factors that create the attraction of Kangen water purifiers in the market.  The Kangen water purifier is a high-end product of Japanese Enagic company with 99.97% pure Platinum coated titanium electrolytic plates, generating hydrogen rich water resources, powerful antioxidants. Kangen water [...]

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What is the best and most used water purifier today?

What is the best and most used water purifier today? To answer this question we find out the information of the types of water purifier in the following article. On the market, there are three popular-types of water purifiers: RO water purifiers, Nano water purifiers and ionized water purifiers. In which, a nano water purifier [...]

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Should you buy Enagic’s Kangen water purifier?

You are choosing which water purifier brands. Should you buy Enagic’s Kangen water purifier?We will find out in the following article about Kangen water purifier. Enagic company was established on June 21, 1974 by Mr. Hironari Oshiro - who is President and CEO. During more than 30 years of operation, Enagic increasingly affirms itself as [...]

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Which brand of water purifier should you buy best for your family today?

Nowaday, many families are looking to buy good water filters to use. Therefore, which brand of water purifier is also interested in. Now we’ll find out in this article!  Functions of the water purifier A water purifier is a device with the function of purifying water and removing harmful bacteria. Water purifiers are capable of [...]

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Should You Buy An Alkaline Water Purifier?

Should you buy a portable alkaline water filter instead of an alkaline water purifier? If you are considering this problem, read our article to know the answer! There are currently many portable alkaline water filters with compact designs at low prices on the market. But is their quality guaranteed or not? Should we buy a [...]

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Top 5 best premium water ionizer

A water ionizer The best premium water ionizer will bring you tons of nice features to level up your drinking water experience. But, let’s try to answer the question of why would you need one. There’s no denying that water is the most essential substance for humans. You can only survive roughly 3 days without [...]

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What Kind Of Kangen Alkaline Water Purifiers Are Good?

Kangen alkaline water purifiers are healthy electrolyte water generators originating from Japan.  This brand is currently available in developed countries such as the US, Canada, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. So what are the best products you should choose? Join us to find out in this article! Origin Of The Kangen Water Purifier [...]

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Ionized Kangen Water And Tap Water – What Are The Differences?

Tap water is a term used a lot in the water industry. So what is tap water? Is this water good for health? How is tap water different from ionized Kangen water? Join us to learn more about tap water in this article! What Is Tap Water? Tap water is the term used to refer [...]

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Review Kangen SD501 machine- Is the ionized water purifier worth the money?

The Leveluk SD501 water ionizer is an advanced unit that uses high-quality technologies to bring healthy alkaline ionized water. With its built-in electrolysis chamber, it generates five types of water that you can use for a variety of household needs. And the device will be a knick-knack thanks to the user-friendly control panel. If you [...]

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Good Tips To Make Full Use Of The Features Of The Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier

Do you know how to take full advantage of the Kangen alkaline ionized water purifier? Learn some great tips to make full use of the features of it in this article! Kangen alkaline ionized water purifier is not only a device that creates a good source of water for drinking, but also produces a variety of [...]

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