Discover our 42 year history and traditions

Year Month Contents
1974 Jun Sony’s specialty trading operation, the precursor of Enagic®, began operations in Okinawa, Japan
1987 May The Japanses Ministry of Health and Welfare authorizes of Enagic® Osaka factory as a medical equipment manufacturer
1988 Mar Company became Kangen water® specialist with philosophy of “True Health”
1990 The company change its name to Enagic®
1998 Tokyo Shinagawa Office opened. The 8-point system created
2000 Jan Enagic® began sales of core product LeveLuk® DX
2002 Apr The LeveLuk® series of Kangen Water® machines is solely recommended by the Japanese Association for the Prevention of Geriatric Diseases
2002 Jul Enagic® Japan was established in Sapporo
2002 Aug The Enagic® Service Division was established especially for the service and maintenance.
2003 Jan Designated “Global Year One.” International operations were initiated and Enagic® USA, Inc. was born
2003 Jun The LeveLuk® Super 501 and the Anespa® models was released
2003 Jul Enagic® USA was established in Los Angeles
2003 Sep Enagic® Taiwan was established in Taipei. Enagic® USA was established in Hawaii Honolulu
2003 Nov The Yanbaru Natural Materials factory is opened in Okinawa and production begins on Ukon supplements
2004 Apr The Yanbaru Natural Materials factory is registered as an FDA facility
2004 May Kangen Ukon is recommended by the Japanese Association for the Prevention of Geriatric Diseases
2004 Jun Enagic® USA was established in New York
2004 Jun Began sales of Kangen Ukon Sigma
2004 Sep Began sales of LeveLuk® SD501
2004 Oct Enagic® USA was established in Chicago
2005 Feb The LeveLuk® DXII and JRII models was released
2005 Jul Enagic® Hong Kong was established
2005 Aug The term KANGEN WATER® is trademarked in the United States
2006 Apr Enagic® USA is enrolled as an official member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)
2006 Jul Enagic® Canada was established in Vancouver
2006 Sep The LeveLuk® Under-the-Counter model was released
2008 Apr Enagic® Europe GmBH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany
2008 Oct Enagic® forms an amateur baseball team
2009 Mar The Enagic® Sports System, Inc. is established
2009 Apr Enagic® de Mexico was established in Monterrey
2010 Apr Enagic® Natural Hot Spring Aroma opened in Okinawa
2010 Apr Enagic® USA was established in Dallas
2010 May Enagic® Italy was established in Rome
2010 May Enagic® Australia was established in Sydney
2010 Aug The Enagic® Dual Pre-Filter System is released
2010 Aug Enagic® Philippines was established in Makati City
2011 Mar Enagic® Korea was established in Seoul
2011 Mar Enagic® USA Service Center was established in Seattle
2011 May Enagic® is granted trademark status for the exclusive 8-Point Business Model
2011 Aug Enagic® receives WQA certification
2011 Sep Enagic® USA was established in Florida
2012 Mar Enagic® Singapore was established
2012 Mar Enagic® Resort Golf Corse opened in Okinawa
2012 Jul Enagic® Canada was established in Toronto
2012 Aug Enagic® Malaysia was established in Kuala Lumpur
2013 May Enagic® Portugal Training Center was established
2013 Nov Enagic® Thailand was established in Bangkok
2013 Nov Enagic® Romania Training Center was established
2014 Jan Enagic® Indonesia was established in Jakarta
2014 Mar Enagic® Brazil was established in Sorocaba
2014 Jun Enagic® Global Convention and 40th anniversary held in Okinawa, Japan
2014 Jun The LeveLuk® K8 models was released
2014 Oct Enagic® Mongolia was established
2015 Oct Enagic® Russia was established in Moscow
2016 Feb Enagic® India was established in Bangalore
2016 Mar Start selling Kangen Rice
2016 Oct E8PA Grand Opening
2017 Oct Enagic® Dubai was established
2019 Mar Enagic® 45th anniversary
2019 Jul Enagic® Japan was established in Fukuoka
2019 Jul Enagic® Korea was established in Busan
2020 Aug The LeveLuk® JrIV models was released