Kangen water purifiers are the famous, high-quality and high-end brand. We will find out factors that create the attraction of Kangen water purifiers in the market. 

The Kangen water purifier is a high-end product of Japanese Enagic company with 99.97% pure Platinum coated titanium electrolytic plates, generating hydrogen rich water resources, powerful antioxidants. Kangen water purifier creates 5 kinds of precious water with different alkalinity:

  • Strong alkaline water (alkaline 11.5 pH)
  • Hydro-rich Kangen water (alkaline 8.5, 9.0, 9.5 pH)
  • Clean water (alkaline 7.0 pH)
  • Beauty water (alkaline 6.0 pH)
  • Strong acidic water (alkaline 2.5 pH)

Kangen alkaline water purifier

Kangen K8 water purifier

The benefits of under sink water ionizer

Over the past few years, water purifiers have become a necessity in many homes in cities. People have become more aware of the quality of water sources, especially water used for daily drinking and cooking. 

Water ionizer: Water molecules and water microelements are both made up of positive and negative ions. In the normal state, this amount of ions is in balance and the pH in normal water is 7. However, when ionizing water, we can create electrolyte water, with a pH value greater than 7 (alkaline water) or less than (acidic).

There have been some studies showing the effects of alkaline water. In 2012, research by doctors Jamie Koufman and Nikki Johnston showed that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 can inhibit Pepsin enzyme. Thereby, drinking alkaline water regularly will be better for people with gastroesophageal reflux disease.

With many benefits of under-sink water ionizer, many manufacturers have researched and launched products to create ionized Kangen water for home use.


How to install an under sink water ionizer?

Installing an under sink water ionizer is not easy to do. You will need to be supported by technical staff, including the preparation of tools.

How to install an under sink water ionizer will depend on the particular device. You can refer to how to install the device below. All operations are quite simple and easy:

Installing an under sink water ionizer

Installing an under sink water ionizer

Step 1: Open the box, bring the product and its components to the outside.

Step 2: Drill holes in the kitchen table, sink with the diameter of about 1.50 inches.

Step 3: Remove the screw, align the base and put the wire system through the hole and fix it.

Step 4: Lock the water supply and remove the supply cord. Technician will install the attached water divider and measure and adjust the water pressure accordingly (from 0.07 – 0.35MPa)

Step 5: Connect the IN cord to the control tap. Along with that, attach the pins to the 2 soft wires of the control hose. Then insert the metal pipe into the divider valve and connect the hose.

Step 6: Connect the electrolyte to the signal wire. Connect the OUT cord to the electrolyte and fix it tightly. Install the filter to the 2 ends IN, OUT.

Step 7: Rearrange the electrolyte, filter and wire position, and apply warranty stamps.


Review 10 water purifiers:

1.Sunhouse SHR76210CK 10 cores hot and cold water purifier 

Leading the list is the RO Sunhouse SHR76210CK 10 cores hot and cold water purifier, which has a rather luxurious and eye-catching appearance with a tempered glass surface with additional aesthetic motifs.

Furthermore, a filter capacity of 10-15 liters/hour to meet your family’s water needs, this water purifier also features an automatic intelligent control system that helps filter water. So it’s easier and safer than ever.

RO Sunhouse SHR76210CK 10 cores

RO Sunhouse SHR76210CK 10 cores

2.Kangaroo KG10A3 10 cores hot and cold water purifier

Standing in second place is the RO Kangaroo KG10A3 water purifier with a modern, luxurious design, suitable for use in the home or in offices, restaurants, and hotels.

This Kangaroo water purifier is capable of filtering up to 10 -12 liters/hour, of which the capacity is 1 liter of hot water, 10 liters of normal water, 0.8 liter of cold water, meeting diverse needs in your family.

3.Karofi KSI80-A RO 8-core water purifier

Next to the list is the Karofi KSI80-A water purifier with a neat, classy design for your home and office space.

The high-quality water purifier with a Karofi 8-core water filter system with RO membrane imported from the US provides outstanding filtration, safety and time of using Karofi filter elements up to 12 months.

With a powerful filter capacity of 10 liters/ hour and a tank made of high quality ABS plastic that meets food safety standards, this Karofi water purifier will provide a hygienic water source for your family.

4.Kangaroo KG99A VTU RO water purifier 9-core

The fourth position belongs to the Kangaroo KG99A VTU RO water purifier, which is equipped with a 9-core filter system, which purifies absolutely for safe purified water, plus beneficial minerals and micronutrients.

In addition, this Kangaroo water purifier is designed with RO membrane imported from Korea for 99.99% bacteria filtration efficiency.

With a filter capacity of 10 – 12 liters/ hour, a water tank capacity of up to 10 liters, this water purifier meets water needs for families, groups of people with large numbers.

5.Karofi K9IQ 2.0 RO water purifier 9-core

Karofi K9IQ 2.0 water purifier stands out with a luxurious, eye-catching and impressive look in a modern space. The machine has RO filmtec, GAC-T33 filter for freshwater. Far infrared core makes water easy to absorb into the body, combined with nano-silver core, mineral core and add anti-bacteria UV light for water after filtration.

The machine has a filter capacity of 10 – 15 liters/hour. The more special impression is the intelligent processor that automatically replaces the core, self-cleans the RO membrane, warns leaks, and especially displays the water quality used through the TDS index (the safety of water used). A product that is not only good for use, but also durable and safe.

Karofi K9IQ 2.0 RO water purifier

Karofi K9IQ 2.0 RO water purifier

6.Sunhouse SHA88116K RO water purifier 10-core 

Sunhouse SHA88116K RO water purifier attracts people by its shiny case, luxurious colors, and elegant motifs which create accents for the installation space. In addition, the front of the cabinet is designed with easy-to-clean full-rim tempered glass, around the cabinet is painted 0.028 inch thick powder for increased durability.

Moreover, the tank is made of steel, ensuring no effect on the purity of the water, preventing bacteria from entering.

7.  Panasonic TKAS45 alkaline water purifier

If the number of family members is limited and if your usage needs just medium & enough with health alkaline ion drinking water to avoid wasting of features, then Panasonic alkaline ion water purifier is the ideal choice.

The machine has enough features for you to enjoy healthy drinking water, cooking and beauty.

It is a famous brand from Japan.

Its lifespan of electrode place is over 12 year.

TKAS45 alkaline water purifier possesses a super compact design, soft and delicate rounded. It is suitable for any large or small space in the house, kitchen area.

8. Kangen K8 water purifier

The Kangen K8 is the latest generation, featuring state-of-the-art features from Enagic manufacturer from Japan. The Kangen water purifier has the ultimate Japan water electrolyte technology, is most suitable for use in the home, office, etc.

This product produces strong acid ion water (high disinfectant, antiseptic) and strong alkaline water (vegetable wash). Speed of generating strong acidic water and strong alkaline water is 0.6 – 1.1 liter/min.

The special feature of Kangen water purifiers is that the electrode plate is made from platinum-coated titanium material (monolithic), purity up to 99.97% according to Japan Medical standards.

Kangen K8  water purifier consists of 8 monolithic electrode plates that create 7 types of water with different pH ~ 2.5 – 11.5. Electrolytic water capacity is up to 230W.

9. Kangen SD501

The Kangen SD501 is also Enagic’s flagship device of the Kangen water purifiers. One of Enagic’s two bestsellers globally. The Kangen water purifie has 7 electrode plates, and generates 7 types of precious water (pH 2.5 – 11.5), high oxidation resistance (-ORP) range from -600mV to -800mV. The SD501 also features an easy-to-see LCD design and convenient operation. Its modern features and technology are not inferior to Kangen K8.

  • optimized with mechanical buttons, easy to operate
  • dimensions: length 280 x width 147 x height 338 (mm)
  • weight is about 13.9 lbs
  • maximum power up to 230W
  • the speed of Kangen drinking water produces 2.5 – 5.0 liters/ minute

The warranty period is 5 years for the whole machine (excluding the filter core) on a system of warranty centers.

10. Kangen Leveluk DX

In addition to producing Kangen water purifiers, Enagic also produces special bath machines for beauty and wellness care. Kangen Leveluk DX is the exclusive brand that produces ion-rich bath machines for skin, hair and body care. 

The Kangen Leveluk DX can be used anywhere. From families to motels and hotels upscale and luxury. With ion mineral water, you absolutely do not worry that your skin will be damaged. Because this type of water has been proven to care regenerate the skin, support acne treatment; helps hair soft, shiny, good for scalp, skin problems; eliminate toxins, prevent cancer, reduce stress.

The machine size is only wide 130 mm, height 346 mm. Its weight is only about 6.6 lbs.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions:

Is ionized water better than normal water?

The ionized Kangen water has the ability to prevent and aid in disease treatment, prolong life and are rich in minerals.

There is a lot of information and articles about the amazing use of ionized Kangen water. They are considered to be the best drinking water and clean water of the new generation to support the most ideal health care for humans.

The ionized Kangen water benefits include immune system enhancement, help neutralize acidity in the body, caused by dietary, stress and environmental toxins. The ionized water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. which are useful for maintaining a healthy body.

Kangen water purifiers are the medical devices that can create alkaline ionized water. Kangen water purifiers offer many benefits to users by changing the pH of water, adding antioxidants and micro-molecular structures to the water. From there, it helps to improve health, increase support for preventing disease for users.

What is carbon filtration used in an under sink water ionizer?

Carbon filtration plays an important role for Kangen water purifier because water before electrolytic treatment will have to go through this filtration step to remove impurities. These impurities usually exist in input water but it is not visible to the naked eyes and will adversely affect the health of consumers.

Input water is often mixed with dirt or heavy metals during the process of moving to the household. These impurities or chemical residues cannot be seen with the naked eyes and if only boiling water for use, they will not be removed.

Some of the most common types of bacteria in water such as E.coli, parasitic and more dangerous fungi can be intestinal viruses. Carbon filtration will perform a pre-filtration task before water goes in the official electrolyte process.

Is it hard to install an under sink water ionizer?

The installation location of an under sink water ionizer should be carefully selected to help the machine operate well, facilitate water intake, and increase the aesthetics of the home space.

The under sink water ionizer is a device used with high frequency. Therefore, you should place the device in places that are not hidden or obstructed for convenience. Prioritize installation in easy-to-see locations to remind family members to drink more diligently.

Installing an under sink water ionizer close to the power source will ensure that it provides enough capacity and enough voltage for the machine to perform at its best.

Do not plug other devices together with the power source used for an under sink water ionizer to avoid overload problems.


All factors above create the attraction of Kangen water purifiers in the market.

Hope that this article provides useful information as you need.