Tap water is a term used a lot in the water industry. So what is tap water? Is this water good for health? How is tap water different from ionized Kangen water?

Join us to learn more about tap water in this article!

What Is Tap Water?

Tap water is the term used to refer to the source of water pumped from a well or a local domestic water system through a piping system to each household.

The quality of tap water depends greatly on the input groundwater. If the water source is less polluted, tap water can be used for drinking directly.

This type of water still has healthy natural minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and contains beneficial microorganisms that are healthful to the digestive system.

However, at present, this water source is no longer good and its quality is declining. Moreover, it is also polluted because the long-used pipeline system tends to degrade. Therefore, tap water cannot be used for drinking directly anymore.

Kangen alkaline water structure

What Is Ionized Kangen Water?

Ionized Kangen water is a type of water created from the advanced water technology of Enagic Corporation from Japan. Kangen alkaline water purifiers not only filter out dirt and impurities in water but also create different type s of alkaline and acidic water through electrolysis.

The ionized Kangen water is created by electrolysis to separate water molecules into the H+ and OH- ions. This water is completely natural, has alkaline properties (pH> 7), rich in micro-minerals and antioxidants, and has a microscopic molecular structure of only 0.5 nanometers.

Ionized Kangen water is highly recommended to use by many experts in the medical field. This type of water has been used in Japan for more than 50 years and has become one of the secrets to helping people live a long and healthy life.

The Role Of Tap Water In Everyday Life

It can be said that tap water plays a very important role in human life.

Ever since the technical infrastructure system is built to exploit natural underground water for human water use, it has become easier for many people to get clean water to use.

In many countries around the world in general, tap water is present in almost all daily activities such as drinking, bathing, washing, cooking, watering plants, washing vegetables, etc.

In many developed countries around the world, the tap water treatment system is very good. Water after treatment contains clean bacteria and natural minerals, it has no harmful chemicals or metals so that people can drink fresh directly at the tap.

In European countries, tap water is considered by many experts to be a quality water source. It can even be drunk directly because it contains oxygen and natural minerals that are good for your body. Even the elderly and children are encouraged by experts to use tap water. This water will provide your body with calcium in the best way.

However, in some countries, due to inadequate pipelines plus poor quality water input, the water is susceptible to E. coli and chloroform bacteria. These bacteria cause intestinal diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and hepatotoxicity. Therefore, almost no one confidently drinks tap water without treatment.

Is Tap Water Different From Ionized Kangen Water?

One of the issues that many people pay attention to is the difference between tap water and ionized Kangen water. To be able to identify those differences, you need to compare these two types of water in many aspects.

Tap water is created by the physical filtration principle, in which special filters with activated carbon will filter impurities and bacteria in the input water source.

In many places, people also use chlorine to disinfect input water. Although chlorine plays a large role in disinfection, they have the disadvantage of remaining in the water after the disinfection process. Until now, many purify water factories have not solved this problem or found the best method to completely remove residual chlorine.

The advantage of tap water filtration technology is to keep natural micro-minerals in the water while eliminating impurities and bacteria.

The quality of tap water depends greatly on the water input source. For developed countries with guaranteed water quality, tap water quality is very high and directly usable. However, with the pipeline system and input water quality in some underdeveloped countries, the quality of tap water cannot be assuring.

Meanwhile, with ionized Kangen water, it is next- generation water technology. Ionized Kangen water is created from Kangen water ionizers thanks to the electrolysis technology.

Although the input water source used by the ionizer is still tap water, Kangen water ionizers will filter bacteria and heavy metal impurities that the tap water treatment system cannot do.

Kangen alkaline water purifier

At the same time, the filtration system of the Kangen ionizers will completely retain the natural micro-minerals of water. After reaching the standard, the input water source is passed through the electrolysis saddle to separate the water molecular structure.

There will be two types of water produced by electrolyte technology: alkaline ionized water and acid ionized water with different pH levels.

These two types of water are collectively called ionized water. Ionized Kangen water has many uses in life, especially for healthy drinking water and supportive treatment for users.

While tap water exists as a normal water molecule, ionized Kangen water exists in ionic form. Two types of ions exist in ionized water: H + and OH-.

In particular, ionized Kangen water has 4 valuable properties that tap water cannot have, helping to enhance the health and support the treatment of diseases.

The four properties that ionized Kangen water possesses are:

  • Enriched with hydrogen, helping to oxidize effectively;
  • Rich in natural alkalinity, helping to neutralize excess acid;
  • Micro water molecule for effective detoxification;
  • Rich in natural micronutrients, a natural mineral supplement for the body.

In short, tap water is merely a type of physically filtered water. Meanwhile, ionized Kangen water is not only a freshwater type but also good water to protect users’ health.

How To Process Tap Water?

Polluted tap water will pose a great danger to the people’s life quality. To solve this problem, the methods of treating polluted water were born. 

In the past, when water was polluted, people would use conventional water filtration methods such as sand tanks and activated carbon. Besides, physical filtration methods are also used very popularly.

These methods are easy to implement, but the quality is not really guaranteed. The water still contains heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. That is why this water filtration method is no longer used much, and now it is the first step of the water filtration process only.

So, how to treat tap water pollution and bring a safe source of water for your health? Here are the effective water filtration methods that many people choose.

RO filter technology

RO filter technology is also an effective water filtration mechanism that is highly appreciated today. This filtration technology uses the principle of reverse osmosis membranes with a combination of micro filter slots up to 0.1-0.5 nanometers. The finished water will reach the standard and become 99% pure water.

However, in addition to removing harmful bacteria, the technology also removes beneficial micro-minerals. This is also the biggest disadvantage of this filtration method. The upside is that the RO membrane is not picky about tap water input. This will satisfy the needs of many regions.

Nano filter technology

Compared with RO technology, Nano filter technology is used as a more advanced membrane than RO. Nano filter works to remove residue, bacteria, and viruses in water. However, large healthy mineral ions are also inadvertently removed from water. 

Nano filter technology

The output water will also contain beneficial minerals in small sizes. Currently, this technology has been widely applied in life.

According to experts, the water filtered from the Nano filter will bring you absolute safety. This filtration technology is quite strict, so the input source of tap water needs to meet the requirements for cleanliness and not too much scum.

UF filter technology

Like other filtration technologies, UF filter technology will also use membrane filters. The difference here is that the filter slot will be larger. This filter technology will remove pathogens, viruses, heavy metals, but the mineral ions are retained, whether they are large or crossbow.

However, this process also has certain disadvantages. Because of the large size of the filter, bacteria in small sizes still exist and are harmful to health. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the water source, the leading tap water needs to have quality and be significantly hygienic.

UV filter technology

The last technology that many people appreciate is the UV filter technology. This is a sterile water filtration method, using ultraviolet rays to remove harmful organisms in the water and bacteria of the smallest size.

When tap water is extracted from the ground, this water is radiated through ultraviolet rays. These rays will sweep through the water stream and remove the organisms living in the water to provide a more reliable and quality water source.

Typically, this technology will be used on an industrial scale and applied in factories in the water treatment process. Up to the present time, modern water purifiers used in households have also been equipped with ultraviolet lights for higher water filtration efficiency.

Kangen Ionizers – “The Miracle Machine” Turns Tap Water Into Ionized Water

We cannot deny tap water plays an important role in life. However, it is not healthy water.

If left untreated, this water can not improve and enhance the gold health of users.

We can use tap water to do the laundry, take a bath, and do daily activities. However, if you want to find water that supports health, tap water is not the perfect choice.

If you want to have healthy water like ionized Kangen water, you have to find another solution. That is using a Kangen water ionizer. Kangen purifier is a device that turns tap water into ionized Kangen water which serves users’ needs well.

Kangen water ionizers are the most popular alkaline ion electrolytic machines today. This machine has many diverse models with many prices suitable for each user segment. More specifically, the Kangen water purifier is a product line that creates electrolyte water with higher alkalinity than normal drinking water.

Daily drinking water will have a pH of about 7.0. Meanwhile, ionized Kangen water has a pH from 8.5 to 9.5. This alkaline level has many beneficial health benefits such as alleviating gastrointestinal symptoms, helping to treat gout, diabetes, etc.

The Principle Of Turning Tap Water Into Ionized Water Of Kangen Ionizers

To become ionized Kangen water, tap water must undergo two stages of change:

Stage 1: Filter input water

The local water source is filtered through the smart water filter, with a large capacity having 3 layers: Calcium Sulfite, Activated Carbon Seeds, and Mechanical filter.

The internal filter will help remove harmful substances such as lead, chlorine residues, rusts, metals from perennial water pipes.

The filtered water will be very clean and still retain the natural minerals that are alkaline elements (calcium ions, potassium, sodium, magnesium). After being purified, the water source will enter the second phase of changethe most important stage in the process of converting tap water into ionized Kangen water.

Stage 2: Electrolysis

The water that has met the input standard with the minerals kept will be put into the electrolysis chamber.

Here, monolithic titanium electrode plates separate and reconstruct the water molecules.  The ionized Kangen water is produced at the cathode, acid ionized water is produced at the anode.

Final Words

There is some information about tap water that you should not ignore. We hope you will gain useful knowledge to use tap water effectively.

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