Kangen Leveluk R – Your budget-friendly entry to Kangen Water


Kangen Leveluk R

The Kangen Water Leveluk R water ionizer is Enagic Kangen Water’s “entry model” machine. If you have a relatively small budget but still want to enjoy all the benefits of healthy Kangen Water, you should definitely get this model.

This device generates 3 types of water that you will find useful, one of them is the healthy Kangen Water thanks to the built-in electrolysis chamber. Using the machine is simple thanks to the user-friendly control panel.

Before reviewing the Kangen Leveluk R, let’s take a look at the benefits that the Kangen Water brings to you.

What health benefit can Kangen Water provide to your body?

It re-hydrates your body faster

Kangen Water, or alkaline water and ionized water, is considered by many people to hydrate their bodies.

This is because alkaline water has smaller water molecules than those of normal water.

It has lots of antioxidants.

Ionized water contains many antioxidants. They help strengthen the immune system and increase cells’ life span, which in turn, somewhat slow down aging.

It has essential minerals for your body. 

Ionized water contains many important minerals for your body.

For examples, calcium is crucial for forming and maintaining healthy bones, iron helps with oxygen transportations in the blood, magnesium plays essential roles in regulating blood pressure, etc

It neutralizes the acidity in your body.

These are the straightforward benefits of alkaline water. Your body’s high acidic level can be caused by many factors; like environmental toxins, stress, or diet.

Alkaline water neutralizes your body by introducing high pH level water to balance the pH in your stomach and intestines’ contents.

It has no harmful contaminants

Before being ionized, the input water has to be filtered to remove contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals.

So even if you choose the neutral water option from the water ionizers, you can guarantee you will drink clean water.

About Kangen Water

Enagic Kangen Water® systems produce high-quality healthy water by combining hours of research and development, cutting-edge technologies, and excellent quality control from Japan.

Enagic Kangen Water’s devices use electrolysis and filters to filter your tap water and produce the best alkaline water. They can also provide acidic water, or clean, neutral water if you desire.

These waters can be used for various purposes, such as drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc. Furthermore, it can also help prevent some diseases.

Kangen Leveluk R – healthy water for everyone


Kangen Leveluk R

Now that you know about the benefits of alkaline water. Let’s take a look at the Kangen Leveluk R to see how Enagic wants to make alkaline water reach more people and families.

1. Specification

Water types: 3

Electrode Plates: 3

Oxidant-reduction potential (ORP) range: Maximum at -350 mV

pH range: From 6.0 to 9.5

Production rate: Can reach up to 7.6 liters per minutes

Power consumption: Maximum at 100W

Dimension: 250 x 308 x 135 mm

Warranty: 3 year

2. Features

Kangen Leveluk R comes with 3 plates. Even though this is the entry model, Enagic still wants the best quality water and the plates are still made from solid titanium with coated platinum.

The plate size is 118 mm in length and 82 mm in width.

You can also find a thermal protector built into the machine for safe and smooth operations.

Kangen Leveluk R stand-out features include:

  • Smart technologies

Kangen Leveluk R uses a continuous electrolysis system just like the more high-power models to make sure that there is always ionized water for users to get in 30 minutes

There is also a built-in flow rate sensor for the system to monitor and help control the water flow.

  • Types of Water

Kangen Leveluk R can produce 3 types of water. From low to high pH levels, they are acidic water, clean water, and Kangen water (alkaline water).

The machine uses the electrolysis process to produce these types of water, the process turns normal neutral water into acidic water and alkaline water. Clean water can also be produced if the users desire.

  • Flow

A water ionizer’s size determines the flow rate of the water running inside it. For Kangen Leveluk R, the demanded flow rate is 1.5 to 5.5 liters per minute for alkaline water and 1.5 to 4.5 liters per minute for acidic water.

3. Filtration process

Before going through the electrolysis process to produce ionized water, the regular water has to pass through a special filter first to remove contamination.

Kangen Leveluk R is capable of removing lots of contaminants in your regular tap water. This is another aspect that Enagic doesn’t cut any corners and equips this machine with a high-quality filter.

Just like other premium models, the filter consists of anti-bacterial granular activated charcoal and sulfurous acidic calcium. These substances can remove most chlorine, taste, and odor in your regular water.

This filter, however, doesn’t remove metallic ions from the water. But, some metallic ions are crucial to your overall health, for example, calcium helps with the bone structure, iron helps with oxygen transportation in the blood.

4. Ionization process

This is where the real job begins for the machine. The water now enters the electrolysis chamber to begin the ionization process.

Through the electrolysis process, the now-filtered water molecules are separated in multiple extents, which creates 3 different types of water with different pH ranges and usages. They are:

  • Acidic water: This water has a moderate pH range of 6.0 to 6.6. This can be used as beauty water.
  • Clean water: You may think this is like normal water, but this water has already gone through the filter layer, so now it’s clean water. The pH is at the neutral level of 7.
  • Kangen water (Alkaline water): This is the water with many health benefits that this machine wants to produce. It has 3 levels and the pH level ranges from 8.5 to 9.5.

For more health benefits, you can add safe chemical additives like acidic calcium. That combines with the already healthy Kangen Water to create even better output water.

5. User navigation

Kangen Leveluk R does all the hard work inside the machine and users only need to perform simple tasks to set up and get ready to use the water.

The installation process is rather simple, You just have to connect the included 1-way diverter to your faucet, no guessing and plumbing work necessary. Then just let the water in and you are good to go.

Kangen Leveluk R is easy to use and navigate around by having a large LCD panel to view the necessary status of the machine.

Below the LCD screen are the buttons for users to select the desired water types. The Kangen Water with all the health benefits is just a few pushes away, it’s very easy to get the water you want.

Kangen Leveluk R may not have some fancy features like voice or buzzer, but it still does the job for most users, that is letting users get the water easily.

The filters need to be replaced after they reach the maximum of 1500 gallons of filtered water, the actual figure depends on the quality of your tap water. The more contaminated your water is, the lower the figure is.

The large LCD screen will also show when you need to replace the filter.

6. Warranty and customer support

Kangen Leveluk R is a quality product that shows you don’t necessarily have to spend tons of money for a water ionizer to get healthy Kangen Water.

However, it is still a machine, and it would still be susceptible to component failures as time goes on. No product can last forever.

Enagic understands this. When you buy the Kangen Leveluk R, you can enjoy the high-quality experience from the machine and Enagic got you covered for any failure from the product itself overtime for 3 years.

If the machine does end up breaking, or you simply need some help in anything related to the Kangen Leveluk R, you can contact the customer support service and they will guide you through everything.

To Enagic, customers’ satisfaction when buying the product until using the product is its number one priority.

If you like to fix the machine yourself and need to find necessary replacements, you can try to find spare parts easily on the official website.


Overall, Kangen Leveluk R makes the healthy Kangen Water and other useful water types more accessible to families across the world. At the same time, it cuts the right corner and retains the core feature that makes a great water ionizer

Kangen leveluk R can achieve that goal thanks to the innovative technologies, solid constructions, and the ease of use that Enagic put inside the machine.

We hope you find this article informative and thank you for reading it.