The Leveluk SD501 water ionizer is an advanced unit that uses high-quality technologies to bring healthy alkaline ionized water. With its built-in electrolysis chamber, it generates five types of water that you can use for a variety of household needs. And the device will be a knick-knack thanks to the user-friendly control panel. If you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-use water machine, Kangen SD501 is a great choice.

About Kangen SD501

Kangen electrolytic water purifier SD501 is one of the most innovative water purifier products produced by Enagic Corporation. With an extremely compact and sophisticated design, it is suitable for every kitchen design of every family.

In particular, the Kangen water purifier SD501 is the most advanced and perfect electrolyte generation. Kangen SD501 products are designed with the strongest electrolysis chamber with the functions of producing 5 kinds of water with different pH levels for different using purposes.

At the same time, the product integrates with the large LCD screen with voice guidance to bring modernity and conveniences to users.

The Kangen water purifier SD501 series is considered as the most advanced because it provides more stable oxygen, better differential cluster, negative ORP and innovative electrolysis technology.

Kangen SD501 is one of the few water purification products using innovative technology with 7 titanium polar plates plated with platinum. The purify ratio produced by the device is up to 99,97%.

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Super

The Leveluk SD501 Super is the largest and most durable water purifier in the electrolyte water purifier. Kangen SD501 super is constructed with 12 electrode plates and two faucets to produce two types of Kangen water at the same time which are called: strong Kangen water and strong acidic water.

The Kangen Leveluk SD501 Super water purifier is used for medical purposes such as drinking, beauty, cleaning and disinfection. Kangen SD501 Super brings a lot advantages, as follow:

  • Generating 5 different types of water with only one touch
  • Kangen water (8.5pH, 9.0pH, 9.5pH) is used for drinking, cooking, tea and coffee.
  • Neutral water (7.0pH) is used for milk making and medine drinking
  • Beauty water (6.0pH) is used for skincare
  • High alkaline water (11.5pH) is used for extracting chemistry
  • Antiseptic water (2.5pH) is used for skin external use.

Besides, Kangen SD501 has an automatic cleaning function. The amount of calcium and other substances accumulating on the device are automatically removed. The machine is also able to continuously produce strong Kangen water used for cleaning and strong acidic water.

Moreover, the water pressure could be changed at your home, shop or apartment. The Kangen SD501 has a water pressure adjustment function even when the normal water pressure changes. Nevertheless, the SD501 has its own cons that there is only English available.

Kangen SD501 Platinum

Currently, Kangen SD501 Platinum has been used in more than 100 countries all around the world. The machine has 5 languages available including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Advantages of Kangen SD501 Platinum includes:

  • The SD501 is compact and elegant with 7 electrode plates. These plates are equipped with extremely compact design and high performance. In addition, the electronic core could create a large amount of electrolyzed water with the ORP rate ranging in the scale from +1130 mV to -800mV maximizing the filtration efficiency.
  • Kangen SD501 Platinum helps create high quality water. Similarly to other Kangen water machines, particularly Kangen SD501 Super, the Kangen SD501 Platinum water purifier produces electrolyte water with various hydroxide ions (OH-) and positive ions (such as calcium ions) generated in the electrolysis process containing hydrogen.

Technical Specifications

  • Electrode plates: 7 & 5
  • Plates size (mm): 135×75
  • Negative ORP (mV): -800
  • pH Range: 2.5-11.5
  • Generates: 5 water types
  • Wattages (W): 200
  • Total weight (kg): 10.1
  • Dimension WHD (mm): 352x384x250
  • Production rate (min): Kangen water: 4.9-7.9, Acidic water: 1.9-3.0, Strong acidic water: 1.1-3.0
  • Ease of use: Fully automatic, very simple to operate
  • Language: 1 (Kangen SD501 Super) and 5 (Kangen SD501 Platinum)
  • Warranty (years): 3

About the brand-Kangen

Kangen Water is multiple-purpose water produced dispensed by Enagic’s innovative water technology through electrolysis, and could be used for drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleansing purposes.

For drink water purpose, the water is ionized with alkaline properties (pH 8.5 and above), for beauty water purpose (pH 5.5) and acidic water (pH 2.5) for cleansing of wounds  and bacteria. There are many facts about the brand we need to know, including:

  • Tested and approved by more than 6,500 doctors, according to Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adults Diseases.
  • Certificated medical devices by Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Utilized in hundreds of hospitals in Japan
  • Lifespan ranges from 15 years to 25 years (help save more in long run compared to other water ionizers)
  • Micro-cluster of water molecules for better hydration and absorption (5-6 cluster) in comparison with regular water (16-20 cluster).
About Kangen SD501

About Kangen SD501

Benefits when using Kangen SD501

Health benefits

Generally speaking, the high quality water produced by Kangen SD501 brings a lot of benefits, as follow

  • Balance your body, improve digestion system
  • Slow down the oxidation process and extend lifespan
  • Detoxify cells, reduce harmful bacteria in the body
  • Prevent skin diseases such as infection, psoriasis, ulcers, leeches
  • Balance the pH level in blood vessel, reduce excessive acid
  • Reduce the harmful effect of free radical causing many cancer diseases.
  • Reduce excessive fat and toxin in the body
  • Reduce high blood pressure, asthma attacks.
  • Reduce stomach pain, constipation
  • Relieve urinary tract infections
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduce the consumption of bottled water and chemistry from plastic.

How does the customer feel about the products?

Overall, customers feel satisfied after using Kangen SD501, as follow:

  • Kangen water is more tasteful, nice and healthy
  • The machine works perfectly which worths the money
  • Having a great water filtration system
  • Customers feel healthier, more energy and sleep better once using Kangen water
  • It is very easy to set up and use
  • Bring the feeling that you drink more water with more mineral

Globally, a lots of famous and influencing people use Kangen water machine, including:

  • The former US President Barack Obama
  • Singer Beyonce
  • Billionaire Bill Gates
  • The American actor Brad Pitt
  • Rock singer and guitarist Carlos Santana
  • The American producer Chuck Norris
  • President Donald Trump
  • Dr Hiromi Shinya
  • Actor Jack Nichoson
  • Singer Jennifer Lopez
  • Actor Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Former footballer superstar Madonna
  • Businesswoman, coacher Jillian Michaels
  • Singer, actor, producer Pat Boone
  • Actor Ron Perlman
  • Singer, producer Toby Keith
  • Businessman, motivational speaker Tony Robbins

How does Kangen SD501 operate?

With advanced electrolysis technology and a great effort in researching and developing of Japanese scientists, Enagic’s Kangen water is the top quality alkaline ionized drinking water on the market.

The process of generating Kangen water by Kangen SD501 includes two stages:

  • Stage 1: original water is processed in through the pre-filter (electrolyte only) to meet the input quality standard before being filtered through a smart water filter.

The high-capacity machine includes 3 filtering levels: calcium sulfite, active carbon seed, and mechanical filter which help remove harmful substances such as lead, residues, rust, metal from perennial plumbings, impurities and bacteria.

The filtered water is very clean and still keeps all the natural minerals necessary for your body. The mineral includes many basic elements such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium ions and so on.

  • Stage 2: clean water with preserved minerals will be placed into an electrolysis chamber with 7 monolithic titanium electrode plates to separate water molecules and reconstruct water molecules at the cathode.

Acidic water is produced at the anode, while at the cathode, negatively charged electrons (e-) bind positively charged hydrogen ions to form hydrogen gas (H2) and hydroxide ions (OH-). H2 is molecular hydrogen.

How does Kangen SD501 operate?

How does Kangen SD501 operate?


From the first lauche until now, Kangen SD501 has received many international certificates in terms of quality. Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification. Moreover, Enagic is a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association. Other certificates are also achieved by Enagic within Japan, includes:

  • Certified medical device: Kangen Water ionizer is certified as a medical device by Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare. And it is the only water ionizer company in the world to receive the highest award given by the Water Quality Association (WQA) with the exclusive Gold Seal Award.
  • About the WQA Gold Seal Award, in the drinking water industry, it is the oldest third party majoring in testing and certification program. And the Gold Seal is unique and the most trusted and reliable producers of quality drinking water.

Best places to buy Kangen SD501

Prices for Kangen SD501

The current price of Kangen SD501 is different because the official price is not published on the official website. However, the general price might range from 90.000.000 VND to more than 140.000.000 depending on the suppliers and the locations. And noteworthy that these prices are just the reference prices, not the accurate price.

One reason to explain why there is no official price is that it can be changed in different months due to changes in exchange rate (Vietnamese Dong is depreciated compared to Japanese Yen). Another reason is that it is a part of the company’s policy. That is why there is no exact price for Kangen SD501.

Is it easy to install the machine?

The easy installation takes away the guessing and the plumping work, as it includes a 1-way diverter that connects to the end of your faucet. As simple as that, you will have ionized water running through your tap.

The large LCD display shows the status of the unit and the colored buttons are clearly labeled so that you will know exactly which buttons to push according to the type of water you need. There is a small drawing for each button that specifies the purposes for each type of water provided by the machine.

The filter should be replaced when the unit has filtered a maximum of 1500 gallons of water, but the amounts may differ depending on the quality of your tap water. When it’s time for you to replace the filters, the ionizer will let you know with voice, buzzer and LCD notifications.

Accompanied services

There are warranty and support. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water offered by the water alkalizer without worrying about any type of defects for 5 years due to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. If you compare it to other models that include a lifetime warranty, you will find it far away from satisfying. You can also find spare parts and accessories available for purchase on the official website, as well as contact details for you to get the help you need regarding your purpose.

Best places to buy Kangen SD501

Best places to buy Kangen SD501

As an overview, we should point out once again some of the most attractive functions. As can be said the Kangen SD501 makes life easier and healthier. In addition, the machine is user-friendly with full of automatic functions that enable all kinds of customers to use it. If you are looking for a powerful water purifier, Kangen SD501 is one of the best options.