You are choosing which water purifier brands. Should you buy Enagic’s Kangen water purifier?We will find out in the following article about Kangen water purifier.

Enagic company was established on June 21, 1974 by Mr. Hironari Oshiro – who is President and CEO. During more than 30 years of operation, Enagic increasingly affirms itself as a private company capable of manufacturing and supplying the top quality line of electrolytic filters in Japan. Not only that, Enagic quickly penetrated the most demanding markets, opening many offices around the world such as Los Angeles, Honolulu, New York, Chicago (USA), Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia.

The reason why Enagic’s Kangen water purifiers are so well received is because of their top quality and the ability to provide the safest water source for the health of users. Enagic’s Kangen water purifier also has many important certifications for the safety of their users.

Kangen alkaline water purifierKangen Leveluk supoer water purifier

Review 10 water purifiers


1. Kangen water purifier

While other Japan alkaline ion brands focused on the domestic market, the Kangen water purifier brand of Enagic International focused on developing the world market as a direct sales model (multi-level sales). Therefore, Kangen is present in almost every country in the world.

Special advantage: Create multi-pH water 2.5 – 11.5.

2. Trim ion alkaline water purifier

Nihon Trim is one of the leading alkaline ion water purifier manufacturers in Japan with advantages in the domestic market. In recent years, Trim ion alkaline water purifier began to focus on the world market.

Special advantage: Its Gracia series is designed with a luxurious touch screen for under sink type.

3.Atica hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water purifier

Atica – hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water purifier is produced by Hitachi Maxell Corporation (now is Japan Maxell). This is one of the leading corporations in the world producing electrodes. This machine not only integrates the latest technologies but is also designed in accordance with many types of water sources.

Special advantage: create hydrogen content in drinking water, pH 9.5 is superior to other alkaline ionized machines on the market.

4. Panasonic alkaline water purifier

Panasonic is a series of alkaline ionized water purifiers assembled by Panasonic Japan. Models TK-AS45, TK-AS-66, TK-AB50-ZEX (under sink series).

Advantage: Mid range and low-priced segment, popular brand.

5. Cleansui alkaline ion water purifier

Cleansui is an alkaline ion water purifier assembled by Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui. Models: EU-301 (under sink)

Special advantage: This is under sink ion water purifier which has the cheapest price in the market.

6. Tyent alkaline ion water purifier

This is Korea brand of alkaline ion water purifier. Tyent water purifier convinces users with powerful technology and features such as Mesh electrode technology reduces the size of the machine and increases electrolysis capacity and machine performance, etc. Models UCE 9000T, YT20.

7. Excell alkaline ion water purifier

This is a product of Japan Impart International company which has just entered the Southeast Asia market. Models: FX, JX, SX, EX

8. OSG alkaline ion water purifier

An alkaline ion water purifier is assembled by Japan OSG Corporation. OSG is famous for its industrial alkaline ion water purifier, water sterilization equipment by electrolysis technology. Models Human water HU-121, NDX-303 (under sink)

9. Second hand Japan brands of water purifier

Some brands can be mentioned such as National, Corona, Pure Radical, IVY Qii, Aqua Queen, Sanas, Qua Vega, Sanwa, etc. Most of these brands enter old machines through a third country. Most brands that are not regulated by the Japan alkaline ion association and have the particular advantage of being cheap.

10. Korean brands

The advantage of the Korean alkaline ion water purifiers lies in their design, features and cheap price compared to the Japanese alkaline ion water purifier. These machines are capable of fine-tuning the water modes. However, it is prudent to use this feature to avoid excessive increase in pH of drinking water over 10 affecting health. Brands: Ionia, BionTech, LifeScore, Crewelter (P8, K8) Aklaviva.

Special advantage: impressive design, cheap price.

Buyer guide:

The electrolyte water purifier has a complex structure and functions almost like a medical device, so product inspection is extremely strict. Some water purifiers also own the exclusive warrant and production technology. Enagic’s Kangen water purifier from Japan – famous exclusively in pioneering the creation of alkaline ion electrolytes. Each of Enagic’s products not only provides health water, but also creates a wide variety of water that is extremely useful for household use.

Kangen water is known as a very alkaline water. This alkaline water, when taken on a regular basis, is very beneficial for health. Kangen water helps neutralize excess acid in the human body to an initial equilibrium to help you have a healthy body. With the rich natural alkalinity superior to other types of water, it is very good for the human body, so this water purifier is increasingly used.

The difference between ionized water and normal water

The phrase “alkaline ionized water” is appearing on the market through advertising channels or health magazines.

Do you know specifically what this phrase means and it has any use or danger?

Alkaline ionized water is 5 times smaller than normal water molecules. The molecular structure size of alkaline ionized water is 0.5 nanometers, and that of normal water is 2.5 nanometers. So with a size 5 times smaller than, the body very easily absorbs alkaline ionized water.

Minerals in alkaline ionized water are completely natural and readily available. Therefore, alkaline ionized water is really safe and beneficial for the human body.

Kangen technology water purifiers are applied with a smart water filter that can retain healthy natural minerals available in the water.

This is also one of the outstanding features that make ionized water different from normal water from other filtration technologies, typically RO filtration technology.

Benefits of ionized water

Benefits of ionized water

What to look for in a water ionizer machine

The water ionizer machine has a compact, luxurious design combined with elegant color, so it can be installed in many different positions and spaces. This is the perfect choice for comprehensive health care for your whole family in the time of today’s seriously polluted environment.

The water ionizer is equipped with 8 electrode plates that create outstanding dissolved hydrogen and -ORP content, improve water ionization and increase antioxidant resistance. With 3 filtration layers; calcium sulfite, bacteria-killing active carbon and mechanical filtration are integrated in a filter core, capable of removing 99% of bacteria, harmful impurities in the water.

It is extremely user-friendly, thanks to a large LCD screen and clear voice prompts. The touch panel makes it easy to monitor filter status information and guides you through the cleaning process.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:


Is ionized water good for your health?


The ionized water is very clean and retains the natural minerals necessary for the body, which are the basic elements (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium ions). The ionized water has a delicious, cool, and gentle taste. You feel like drinking more ionized water.

The size of Kangen water (or ionized water) is only about one fifth of that of conventional water molecules. This special structure helps Kangen water penetrate strongly, transport nutrients very quickly and effectively to the cells, and help the cell cleanse, purify harmful residues and fight thirst effectively.

In addition, using Kangen water with a micro-molecular structure will strongly extract the essence of food, enhance and highlight the delicious natural flavors, helping you to limit the use of spices. Using Kangen water pH 9.5 to make tea, coffee and cook soup will bring out great taste. In particular, pH Kangen water has the effect of softening food, releasing and preserving nutrients when cooking stews and boils. 


What is ORP?


ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is understood as the ability of a substance to reduce oxidants, also known as an index measuring the level of oxidation.

. The unit of ORP indicator is mv (millivolts).

The ORP index is a measure of how well a substance oxidizes or reduces another substance.

If the ORP of a substance goes from zero to positive values, the substance is oxygen and vice versa, if the ORP of a substance goes from zero to negative, the substance is called an antioxidant. 


How well can water ionizers filter normal water?


The physical and chemical properties of ionized water is alkaline water (pH between 8.0 and 9.5), very small molecular size, less 5 times than normal molecular size and especially rich in natural micro-minerals such as manganese, potassium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, etc. ionized water helps to fight oxidation in the body, treat dangerous diseases, including cancer, anti-obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc.




After reading the entire article, you must have the answer for yourself whether you should buy Enagic’s Kangen water purifier. The answer is “yes”. Alkaline ionized water is very suitable for nurturing plants, stimulating the growth of seeds. Alkaline ionized water also helps to remove harmful substances on vegetables and fruits, increases the flavor of vegetables and prolongs the shelf life of vegetables. The above benefits show that alkaline ionized water is a versatile water that not only helps us to be healthier, prevents diseases, but also supports a lot of our daily health.