Finding the best brand of alkaline water purifier in the current situation of water pollution is very urgent. Discover the 5 best water ionizer brands today in this article!

Currently, on the market, there are many models and diversified lines of alkaline water ionizers. It makes us lose in the matrix and cannot know which is the best water purifier brand.

So, to know the answer, join us to find out with the article below.

What Is A Water Ionizer?

An alkaline water purifier is a remarkable invention in the water purification industry because it is considered the most optimal water purifier in the generation of filters ever. Water ionizers not only provide clean water sources but also have special properties that support users’ health.

The origin of the water ionizer

After the transmission of well water and mineral water mines with miraculous uses, Japanese scientists have conducted researches and discovered that these water types are high pH and hydrogen.

And after more than 30 years of research, scientists have successfully developed electrolysis methods to create superior-quality alkaline water. 

Finally, in 1952, the first alkaline water purifier was made in Japan, marking a great development in the research and development process of ionized water for users’ health.

water Ionizer


Structure and working principle of alkaline water ionizers

The water ionizers have 2 main parts:


  • Part 1: Pre-filter


The pre-filter consists of fine filters with the most advanced technology coming from Japan and Korea, followed by physical filters such as active carbon filters, compressed cotton filters, etc.


  • Part 2: Electrolysis chamber


The electrolysis chamber is considered the heart of an alkaline water purifier, because without this part, it will never create alkaline ionized water, with the most outstanding and characteristic properties.

The electrolysis chamber contains premium velvet platinum-plated monolithic titanium electrode plates. The more electrode plates the machine has, the more healthy hydrogen the chamber can produce, and the stronger the therapeutic support effect.

Phases in creating alkaline ionic water

Because there are 2 main parts, the water purifier goes through 2 main stages to create alkaline ionized water:


  • First stage: Filtration of water at the inlet


At this stage, the commonly used home water source will be put into the filter chamber. The closed filters and the physical filters elements are responsible for filtering all impurities, bacteria, rust, water residue, chlorine, and more from the perennial pipe. Water at this stage will be filtered thoroughly but still retain all-natural minerals inherent in water.


  • Final stage: Electrolysis of water


Water after being filtered in stage 1 will be passed through the electrolysis chamber. This part will separate water into H+, OH- ions, creating beneficial hydrogen.

Alkaline ion filters will have from 3-7 electrode plates, but some machines will have up to 12 plates. The more electrodes plate the machine has, the greater the amount of hydrogen created, and the more expensive the machine will be.

After the electrolysis process, we can pour the water out and drink directly at the tap without having to boil it. The water will have a natural, cool, sweet, and soft taste.

Buyer Guides – 7 Criteria To Know When Choosing To Buy Alkaline Water Ionizers

To choose a satisfactory water purifier that is both affordable and safe for the whole family, the following are some evaluation criteria for choosing an alkaline ion filter:

Origin and brand

On the market, there are more than 200 different brands of alkaline water purifier. However, among them are mixed products with poor quality, counterfeit goods, old machines. Users will never verify the quality as the source of origin. 

Therefore, in order to buy a quality alkaline water filter, we must first determine the brand, the origin of the machine, and also choose authorized dealers from the famous brands for more reliability.

Output water quality

Next, we need to know which output machines with filtered water will ensure quality. 

Firstly, they have to meet the standards: clean bacteria and all impurities but important minerals, nutrients. 

The second is the health support. The quality of alkaline water after being filtered to drink directly must have the highest standard evaluating the quality of a home water purifier. water Ionizer

Number of filter cores and the electrode plate

Depending on your needs and home economics, you should choose alkaline ion purifiers with a moderate number of filters and electrode plates. Because alkaline ion filters with 12 electrode plates are more expensive than ion filters with only 5 or 7 electrode plates.

Suitable filter technology for water input

Why do alkaline ion machines from Japan and Korea need to be exported to other countries and need distributors, but not to sell portable products to consumers? 

Because in the process, the distributors had to provide the input water parameters to the companies so that they could change the details, or parameters on the machine to match the characteristics and nature of the input water in a specific country. 

Therefore, when choosing a water purifier, you must check the filter technology of the machine to make sure that it is suitable for water input in your country.

The machine’s filter capacity

This also depends on the needs of your personal use, family, or company.

For families from 5 to 7 people, the suitable volume is 10 liters, and the suitable capacity is from 10 to 15 liters per hour. This capacity is suitable for basic activities in the family such as cooking, drinking, and bathing for the baby. 

As for factories, offices, schools, you need to buy products with a larger filter capacity.

After-sales service and customer services

Once we have chosen a place to buy alkaline water ionizers, we should see whether the warranty is good or not. Of course, the after-sales service of some unidentified water ionizer sources is not better than that of reputable agents.

Why is this criterion also important?

Because we are just non-technically proficient consumers. Therefore, if the brand has a good after-sale service, we will have a better warranty, as well as peace in mind about the technical qualifications of the agent. water Ionizer


As mentioned above, depending on the needs as well as the economy of the family, you should choose an affordable device. The investment in the cost of a machine that costs more than your budget is also a good idea, but it is seen as never losing money because it is an investment in health.

Japan – The powerhouse of alkaline water ionizers

Since ancient times, the Japanese have found out that alkaline ionized water has many great uses for health such as digestive aid, and treatment of intestinal diseases, blood pressure, cardiovascular, etc. 

It can be said that Japan is the cradle of alkaline ionized water as well as water purifier products. Not only do Japanese alkaline ionized water purifiers provide safe water solutions for Japanese people but also are quickly present in many countries around the world. 

Therefore, most of the electrolyte water purification products currently on the market come from this country.

Which Japanese electrolytic alkaline water purifiers brands are the best? To help you choose the best water purifier, we would like to introduce 5 brands of high-end and best-selling Japanese electrolyte water purifiers today for you.

Reviews On The Top 5 Best Water Ionizers Brands You Should Choose

#1. Kangen water purifier – The best choice

When it comes to Japanese alkaline water purifiers,  not mentioning the Kangen brand is an omission. Why is that? Because Kangen water purifiers are considered as the top models, have outstanding premium quality, and are the most popular items on the market today.

Kangen water purifiers are manufactured by Japan’s leading Enagic corporation. This is an electrolyte brand with more than 40 years of experience in the field with reputation and trust gained by millions of families around the world. 

With its outstanding advantages, the Kangen Japanese water purifiers are highly appreciated and recommended by more than 8800 leading doctors and medical experts worldwide for daily use for health protection.

Kangen is the only electrolytic filter brand in the world to receive the Gold Seal of the International Quality Association. Also, the brand received a lot of important certifications and awards, which demonstrates how high-class quality the Kangen filters ảe. 

Some typical certifications of Kangen water purifiers include:

  • Medical Device Manufacturer Certification by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of the Government of Japan.
  • Accredited as a brand that produces premium medical equipment for ionized water generation by the Japan Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease (JAPMAD).
  • ISO 13485:2003 Certification for Safety Management System for medical products.
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Certification on Quality and Management System.
  • ISO 14001:2004 Certification on Environmental management system standards.

The great advantage of the Kangen alkaline water purifier is the ability to create a water source that has a wide pH range from 2.5 to 11.5. It is so convenient to use for many purposes: cooking, eating directly, drinking medicine, disinfecting, beauty, soaking food. Although the price is relatively high, many customers still choose Kangen because of the superior quality of the machines.

The current best-selling Japanese electrolytic water purifier models with Kangen brand include:

  • Kangen Leveluk K8 water purifier
  • Kangen Leveluk SD501 water purifier
  • Kangen Leveluk Super 501 water purifier
  • Kangen Jr2 water purifier
  • Kangen SD501 Platinum water purifier
  • Kangen Anespa DX water purifier water Ionizer

#2. Panasonic water ionizers

Panasonic is a brand that has been familiar to consumers for many years with many high-end electric household products. In particular, Panasonic’s alkaline ionized water purifier product line is also a top choice for many consumers because of its outstanding reputation and quality.

Panasonic is a big brand from Japan, and has more than 100 years of experience in the production of electrical appliances. With the water purifier, Panasonic has researched, produced, and continuously improved it to meet the conditions of each country and region. 

Panasonic always wants to provide safe, healthy water and participate in the process of protecting human health. Its electrolyte product line is highly appreciated for its quality and the ability to create healthy water sources.water Ionizer

#3. Trim ion water ionizers

Besides Panasonic and Kangen, the Trim ion electrolyte alkaline water purifier is also ranked in the top of the most purchased Japanese electrolyte water purifiers today.

Trim ion electrolytic water ionizer is a premium product line of the Nihon Trim corporation of Japan. This is a brand with nearly 40 years of experience and accounts for 65% of the market share of alkaline water purifiers in Japan and is popular in many countries around the world, including Korea, the USA, etc. 

With the motto of contributing to the happiness and health of mankind, Trim ion water purifier is always pioneering in using leading technology to provide solutions for clean and healthy water to every family. water Ionizer

#4. Mitsubishi Cleansui water ionizer

Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifier brand is manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation – a leading water treatment technology expert in Japan. With more than 33 years of experience, Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui has launched a lot of smart water purifiers, providing consumers not only in Japan but also in many other countries.

The hollow fiber membrane technology for the most effective purification is currently the technology of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui. It is used in most of the alkaline water purifiers of this brand. 

In addition to the purification technology, the Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifier also possesses advanced electrolysis technology. It gives you an alkaline ion water source that benefits health, and actively supports the treatment of dangerous heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 

Mitsubishi Cleansui water ionizers have been trusted by 30 countries and selected as indispensable products in every family. water Ionizer

#5. Atica water ionizers

Some customers who are familiar with brands such as Kangen, Panasonic, Trim ion are still unfamiliar with the Atica alkaline water purifier. However, this is a famous and long-standing Japanese brand name belonging to the Maxell Group. 

Founded in 1961, up until now, Maxell has gained nearly 60 years of experience in the field of manufacturing smart electrolytic filters and has opened offices in almost every continent around the world.

You will be more surprised to know that this is the largest electrode manufacturer in Japan today and is the electrode supplier for most brands of Japanese alkaline water ionizers. 

With the exclusive modern technology platform, Maxwell’s Atica electrolyte water purifiers are considered to be outstanding products that are not inferior to other brands. 

The Atica ionizers have the outstanding advantage of using dual electrolysis technology. These machines undergo the electrolysis process up to 2 times, creating an abundant amount of hydrogen for alkaline ionized water, thereby having outstanding effects in protecting health for humans. 

water Ionizer

Final Words

What is an alkaline water ionizer? What are the best water ionizer brands today? What is the experience when choosing to buy a suitable water purifier? The above article has shared all the useful information for you. 

Please find out carefully the information before choosing to buy to ensure that your family selects the high-quality water ionizer!

Thanks for reading our article!