What is the best and most used water purifier today? To answer this question we find out the information of the types of water purifier in the following article.

On the market, there are three popular-types of water purifiers: RO water purifiers, Nano water purifiers and ionized water purifiers. In which, a nano water purifier is a modern machine, but it requires extremely clean water inlet.

RO technology is a reverse osmosis technology and both use membranes and filter elements to filter water. RO filtration requires electricity and produces a lot of wastewater, while nano filters do not require electricity or waste water.

Advantages of RO water purifier: Clean water completely pure and free from impurities. However, because it is completely clean, only H2O remains in the water. With an RO membrane with a size of 0.001 micromet, the output water of an RO water filter is like distilled water and does not have any impurities including minerals.

Disadvantages of RO water purifier: RO water purifier produces clean water, excessively clean product, so it filters out minerals with health benefits. Therefore, many RO water purifiers have added mineral filters to create minerals after manganese RO filters to create minerals, supplement oxygen and trace elements for the body. But this also does not replace the natural minerals lost in the filtration process.

RO filtration

RO filtration

Advantages of the nano water purifier: The machine does not use electricity nor wastwater, so it is convenient to install it anywhere. For the current nano series there are many brands such as Aragon of Geyser, USVR-AquaVallis of Sunny-Eco, and some other nano cores of nano Sky and OhiDo. Among them the highlight is Aragon and USVR-AquaVallis. But Aragon proved to be more outstanding in persistence and bactericidal.

Disadvantages of nano water purifier: The weakness of this series is that it requires relatively clean input water quality, if the water is contaminated, alum, ammonium, and arsenic, it is confirmed that it cannot be filtered. So this product is only suitable when the water is free of heavy metals or it will not be very dangerous for users’ health.

What is a water ionizer?

The water ionizer has electrode plates designed in the form of a trellis, spaced only a few hundred micrometers apart, increasing the area in contact with water. 

Under the impact of a very high electric field strength (nearly 100,000 volts/cm) on the surface of the electrode, hydrogen is released in the form of air bubbles. 

Clusters of water molecules will be divided, so that the water is brought back to the activated state, capable of fast osmosis.

Water after electrolysis reaches ORP -600mV, Hydrogen to 12 ppb.

Scientists believe that alkaline ionized water from electrolysis is considered a source of “living water” thanks to its redox properties. This “living water”  has many health effects such as: improving aging agents, improving gastric acidity, rehydration faster and more efficiently than normal water.  

The maximum value of this water source is the activated gaseous hydrogen and the water structure in the micro form will have a significant effect when used. With this invention, users can use water ionizer for household purposes, replacing conventional water purifiers.


About Kangen Water

Kangen water (reconstituted water, alkaline ionized water, etc.) is the best water available today and is recommended by many experts because it has many positive effects on health. But this kind of water could not cure all diseases or cancer as many speculation.

Kangen water is a good drinking water for the body created by electrolysis to separate water molecules into the H + and OH- ions. This is a completely natural water, alkaline (pH> 7), rich in micronutrients and antioxidants, has a microscopic molecular structure of only 0.5 nanometers.

The Kangen water generator is called an electrolytic water purifier (alkaline ion water purifier). Specifically, the process of creating Kangen water in an electrolyte water purifier takes place as follows:

At the filter: The water source when going through the filter layers in the filter will be eliminated impurities, bacteria, toxic heavy metals … The filtered water is clean water, meeting the standards of directly drinking water from the Ministry of Health.

Electrolysis chamber: After separating into H + and OH- ions, water molecules will be restructured to form two main groups of water, acid ion water and alkaline ionized water. In it, alkaline ionized water for drinking (pH ~ 8.5 – 9.5) is also known as Kangen water. 

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum – All you need to know

Kangen LeveLuk 501 Platinum is a platinum-coated high-quality water purifier that creates the luxury of ENAGIC (Japan), which is trusted by many countries around the world.

KANGEN LeveLuk SD501 Platinum water purifier or KANGEN LeveLuk SD501 Platinum water ionizer, is a famous Japanese medical device, present in over 150 countries: USA, Canada, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore , Malaysia, etc.

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

1. Specification

Kangen Leveluk model SD501 Platinum water purifier is brought with a modern design with a stylized cover of high-grade plastic sheet and luxurious metal-plated details. This water purifier of Kangen brand  is neatly designed, delicate, suitable for many interior styles. Its control panel combines an LCD screen with mechanical buttons for easy operation on the machine, and water type selection operations are also extremely simple and easy to understand. 


Electrode plate:
Electrode 7 plates
Construction: Titanium monolithic coated with 99.97% pure according to Japanese medical standards.
Output water:
Oxidation resistance (-ORP) ranges from -600 to -800 (depending on inlet water quality and flow rate
pH 2.5 – 11.5
Number of water types 5 types ( 7 levels)
Kangen water There are 3 levels of pH 8.5 – 9.0 – 9.5 healthy drinking water, which you should drink regularly every day. This water is used for cooking and makes food very delicious.
Neutral water Clean water, pH 7.0 for drinking medicine, making formula and cooking for babies. Water is used to drink after eating.
Strong alkaline water With a pH of ~ 11.5, it removes chemicals and pesticides on the surface of vegetables, tubers and fruits.
Strongly acidic water Having a pH of ~ 2.5, disinfection, disinfection, hand hygiene before eating, cleaning of dishes, bowls, cutting boards, gargling, stopping bleeding.
Beauty water Slightly acidic water, with a pH ~ 6.0 for skin and hair care.
Water capacity * Drinking water Kangen / Neutral: 2.5 – 5.0 liters / minute

* Beauty water: 1.5 – 2.6 liters / minute

* Water Acid / Strong Alkaline: 0.6 – 1.1 liters / minute 

Water inlet
General standard Tap water (aqua water departments). If your local tap water has problems such as chlorine residue, bacterial contamination, poisoning, or hard water, an appropriate water pre-treatment kit is required. If it is well water, a special pretreatment kit and a suitable pump system is also required.
The right temperature about 41 – 56oF
Inner filter
Number of cores 1
Number of filters 3 layers: Calcium Sulfite, Active Carbon Seed kill bacteria and Mechanical filter
Life expectancy 6,000 liters of water (depending on quality of inlet water). The machine will automatically notify when the filter element needs to be replaced.
Operation mode
Screen LCD
Control Mechanical button
Notification Voice guidance, “beep” warning sound and signal light.
Language English
E-cleaning Cleaning for 3-5 hours periodically done 1-2 weeks/ time
Deep cleaning Intensive cleaning at a professional service center.

1 year at least one time

Design & weight
Shell material High quality plastic, luxurious platinum coated
Dimensions 264 length x 171 width x 338 high (mm)
Weight 13.9 lbs
Electrical power AC power supply 220 – 240V; 50Hz/60Hz; 1.6A

230W (maximum power when electrolyte to create ionized water.

Producer Enagic Corporation (Japan)
Warranty and maintenance
Warranty 5 years
Maintenance Check quality and periodic maintenance according to customer needs

2. Feature

The Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum Series is Enagic’s high-quality water purifier with an extremely luxurious and classy design with a platinum color coated on the outside. Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum has a wide pH range from about 2.5 – 11.5, 5 kinds of good water suitable for multiple needs such as:

  • Kangen water / alkaline ion: with pH between 8.0 ~ 9.5
  • Vegetable washing water: with pH from ~ 11.5
  • Neutral water to drink drugs, to mix milk: with a pH of about 7.0
  • Water for disinfection: with pH ~ 2.5
  • Beauty water: with pH ~ 6.0

In addition, the display interface of the Kangen LeveLuk SD501 Platinum is considered user-friendly by the large LCD screen and loud and clear voice announcements. With just one touch, you can get the type of water you need right away.

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Kangen water is rich in alkaline and natural minerals, along with abundant hydrogen, micro-molecular structure that helps neutralize excess acid, eliminate toxins, slow aging, etc. In the world, it is recommended to increase resistance, alkalize the body, prevent and support treatment of diseases: cancer, diabetes, gout, stomach pain, high blood pressure, etc. 


3. Filtration properties

With outstanding electrolyte technology and decades of research results of Japanese scientists, the Kangen brand of ENAGIC Group is the best water purifier on the market.

Electrolysis process consists of 2 phases:


The local water source is filtered through a smart water filter (Japan Domestic Goods). High-capacity, 3-stage water filter: Calcium Sulfite, Bactericidal active carbon particles and Mechanical filter: help remove harmful substances such as lead, chlorine residues (Detergent), residue of water treatment agents, rust, perennial plumbing metals, impurities, bacteria.

The filtered water is very clean and retains the natural minerals necessary for the body, which are the basic elements (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium ions). You feel like drinking more water.

The filtration capacity is about 6,000 liters of water (Depending on the quality of input water) (Replace the filter element every 16 months).

PHASE 2: Water that meets the input standard with preserved minerals will be put into an electrolysis chamber with 7 monolithic titanium electrode plates to separate water molecules and reconstruct water molecules. Kangen water is produced at the cathode. Acid water is produced at the anode.

At the cathode, negatively charged electrons (e-) bind positively charged hydrogens (hydrogen ions) to form hydrogen gas (H2) and hydroxide ions (OH-). H2 is molecular hydrogen or hydrogen.

Water is ionized in acidic water and Kangen water

Water is ionized in acidic water and Kangen water

4. Ionization properties

Alkaline ionized water, also known as electrolyzed reduced water, refers to a type of water produced by electrolytic technology similar to the type of water that exists in a living organism. 

Alkaline ionized water has typical properties such as being rich in micronutrients, alkaline, rich in antioxidants, and having clusters of water molecules that are broken down.

In some hospitals around the world, alkaline ionized water generators are used in patient care because they create mineral-rich drinking water.

In addition, the water ionizer can produce disinfectant water, disinfect hospital equipment without causing irritation to the patient because the alkaline ionized water is very safe. Moreover, this type of water also has the ability to stop bleeding and disinfect dangerous wounds.

Kangen water from Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Kangen water from Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum

In the world, there are many machines of different brands that create alkaline ionized water, a healthy source of drinking water, but not all machines can produce Kangen water.

Because conventional alkaline ionized water generators do not produce high-quality alkaline water, which is as detoxifying and protective as Kangen water.

Kangen water carries the mineral content in water, the amount of ions and active hydrogen is many times higher than that of alkaline ionized water from other machines. So, pouring water into a glass, you can clearly see the dense existence of small hydrogen bubbles, also known as ions. These ions attach to the glass wall and exist under normal conditions for more than 24 hours.


5. Ease of use

The Kangen Water is pure, healthy, mineral-rich alkaline drinking water, purifies all impurities, and ionizes through the electrolytic current to obtain highly active hydrogen ready for “extra” electrons. These electrons have a powerful and effective antioxidant capacity.

As we know that the human body is composed of at least 70% water, then the source of happiness and longevity must be formed from water.

The ease of use of Kangen water of the Kangen Leveluk SD501 Platinum machine will be shown in the following instructions.

1. Kangen water pH above 11.0

The sater is strongly alkaline, has a cleaning effect as a detergent, and preserves hygiene in everyday life.

– Preliminary processing of food: Clean vegetables and fish. Increase the flavor of broccoli, onions, bamboo shoots, etc. by lightly boiling in strongly alkaline Kangen water before processing.

– Clean the kitchen utensils such as cutting boards and dish hand towels. It is good for cleaning oil and fats from smoke-consumers, as well as for kitchen cleaning.

– Remove stains: Remove stains caused by coffee, soy sauce and oil easily. It is great for cleaning stains in the toilet.

– Washing dishes: Use less soap when washing dishes. Save on water bills from one-third to a quarter of the normal amount.  

2. Kangen water pH 8.0 – PH 10.0

Moderate alkaline water is used to drink and add flavor to dishes.

– Drinking water: Drink 2-3 glasses of water every morning, compared to normal water, Kangen water has a lighter taste, and has a pleasant sweet taste.

It is important that during meals, when you eat a significant amount of acidic foods such as egg yolks, white rice, chicken, pork, beef, etc. drinking alkaline Kangen water will balance acids in those foods.

– Preliminary food preparation: You can use Kangen water to remove the pungent taste of onions, bamboo shoots, deodorize the liver and other meats by soaking in Kangen water for about 20-30 minutes.

– Cooking rice: Use Kangen water to wash rice and cook rice. The rice cooked in Kangen water will be delicious, blooms quickly and becomes soft quickly.  

– Making Tea and Coffee: Using Kangen water to make tea and coffee will give you rich color and excellent taste. With less use of coffee or tea, a desired flavor is achieved due to the extractability of Kangen water.

– Soups and stews: Kangen water draws the flavors of ingredients to soften tender meats and vegetables. So, you just need to add a little salt to make the dish delicious. As such, Kangen water is good for everyone because it helps to reduce the amount of salt in food.

– Watering ornamental plants: Used for watering plants and replacing water in flower pots. Kangen water prolongs the freshness of plants and can also restore wilted or diseased plants. Kangen water stimulates, improves seed germination and development.

– Support the excretory system: The smell of sweat, feces, urine of the body will be greatly reduced.

– Used in handicrafts: It is great for dyeing fabrics, as well as for other crafts. You will love the vibrant colors when using Kangen water.

– Clean the colon: Keep water as warm as body temperature and use Kangen water to clean the colon to remove residue and waste accumulated in the intestinal tract. 

3. Neutral clean water pH 7

– Use to drink with Medicines: Kangen water is quickly absorbed by the body, so it is very good to use this water when taking the drug.

– Baby food preparation: Used to make milk or cook baby food. 

  1. Acid water pH 6.0-4.0

Weakly acidic water is used for beauty treatments.

– Cleansing: The making properties of acid water tighten your skin and make your skin more youthful.

– Hair care: Use after shampoo, make hair smoother and shiny.

– Bathing: Add acid water to the bath to keep your bathtub clean. Bathing in this water warms up the body and keeps skin beautiful.

– Pet Care: Great for grooming your pet, hit with acid water pH 6.0-4.0 to get soft and shiny fur.

– Soften clothes: Soak in acidic water before rinsing will soften clothes.

– Cooking: Legumes like chickpeas and peas, cooking will be great. Acid water will speed up the cooking time, and will not overcook the beans.

– Wash vegetables and fruits: Keep the vibrant colors of strawberries, red cabbage, asparagus, and eggplant for a longer time than washing with normal water.

– Fried foods: Fried foods look nice and crisp when the dough is stuffed with acid water.

– Frozen foods: Spray foods with acid water before freezing so that foods, including fish and shrimp, do not lose their flavor when defrosting.

– Stains: To remove stains, dirt and grease, let soak in water for 24 hours.

– Washing dishes: Wash dishes and cups in this water, they will sparkle and clean.

– Polishing: Polishing mirrors, eye glasses, glasses and windows.

– House cleaning: Clean dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, etc. 

4. Acid water pH 2.7 or less

Water is strongly acidic for disinfection, and can prevent food poisoning. It kills  germs and bacteria.

– Cleaning and sanitizing: Sanitizing knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and kitchen towels, etc. disinfect in and around the kitchen.

– Hygiene: Disinfect hands, toothbrushes, or use this water to rinse, wash mouth.

Strongly acidic water has been approved to disinfect food products.

6. Warranty

Warranty cases are as follows:

– If the product has slight damage or just damage the outside of the electrode chamber: The product will be repaired and warranted by the company’s Japanese trained technicians.

– If the product is damaged in features or does not work: The product will be repaired by a Japanese technician.

– If the product is too badly damaged inside the electrode chamber: The product will be warranted by Enagic Japan.

Next, the warranty company informs the customer about the expected warranty period.

Support customers with continuous drinking water by installing Kangen SD501 in your home during product repair.

Finally, you’ll receive the product back from the manufacturer, check the status, record the condition after the warranty. 



So the best and most used water purifier today must be the type that filters all impurities, toxins, bacteria, harmful viruses but still retains essential minerals for the body.